Associate Pastor and Youth & Students, Morganfield First Baptist Church, Morganfield, KY


Morganfield First Baptist Church is located in the tri-state region of western Kentucky approximately 45 minutes south of Evansville, IN. Our mission is to be a Christ centered, worship driven, and community focused fellowship seeking to connect people to Jesus Christ. Our church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, Kentucky Baptist Convention, and Green Valley Baptist Association. 


  •  The objective of the Associate Pastor of Youth & Students is to provide Christ centered leadership to our church’s family ministry plan by making Christ like disciples of our students and providing leadership and direction for our children’s ministries. 


  •  bachelor’s degree (Seminary training is preferred). 
  • Displays a commitment to moral purity and a healthy relationship with spouse and family. 
  •  Meets the qualifications for pastor (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4) and possesses a shepherd’s heart for the local church. 
  • Committed to the theology, mission, culture, and worship philosophy of Morganfield First Baptist Church. 
  •  Adheres to the Baptist Faith and Message (2000) 
  •  A self-starter, with a strong work ethic. 
  • A collaborative team player with a positive attitude. 


  • Assist the Senior Pastor by serving as a strategic partner in planning and coordination of future church goals and initiatives, both short-term and long-term. 
  • Participate regularly in routine pastoral care through ongoing hospital, funeral home, and outreach visitation efforts. 
  • Attend weekly staff meetings and maintain regular office hours 


  • Lead and organize an effective student ministry by implementing fellowship, worship, biblical teaching, discipleship, and evangelism. 
  •  Recruit, train and shepherd volunteers with diverse gifts and personalities and provide biblical counseling and spiritual direction to team leaders on an individual basis as needed. 
  •  Create fun and meaningful opportunities for all youth to connect and grow together. 
  •  Overseeing, growing, organizing, and coordinating the church’s youth and children’s ministry on a weekly basis with emphasis on Sundays, Wednesdays, and any other youth related events. 
  •  Counsel, spend time with and disciple students while developing positive relationships with them and their families. Maintain contact with students and parents, keeping them informed of ongoing activities. Keep parents updated on ministry strategies and plans in a way that encourages partnership and involvement. 
  •  Provide leadership for youth council consisting of parents and volunteers. 
  •  Perform other duties as assigned by the pastor. 


  • The salary and benefits of the Associate Pastor shall be recommended by the finance team and approved by the personnel team and established in the church budget for church approval each year. 
  •  Vacation time will depend on the years of service in the ministry to MFBC. 
  • The Associate Pastor will receive two days off per week and will be arranged with and approved by the Senior Pastor. 


The following holidays will be allowed with pay: 

New Year’s Day Good Friday Memorial Day 

Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day & Day After 

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 

When the above listed falls on a non-scheduled workday, another day is given as agreeable with the Pastor. 



For one and two years of service at Morganfield First Baptist Church ministerial staff will receive two weeks of vacation per year; for three and four years of service at Morganfield First Baptist Church ministerial staff will receive three weeks of vacation per year, for five and more years of service ministerial staff will receive four weeks of vacation per year. Associate Pastor will assume responsibility to guarantee teaching and leadership responsibilities are taken care in their absence. Vacation time will not accumulate from one year to the next. It must be taken during the year, or it will be lost. Ministerial staff shall receive five sick days. 



  • Church will pay for moving expenses of associate pastor to relocate to Union County. 
  • Associate Pastor will agree to live within Union County. 
  • At least a two week notice in the event the associate pastor resigns, or in the event the church terminates the relationship. 
  • If the associate pastor resigns, he will receive base pay only for vacation time left. 
  • If the church terminates the associate pastor, he will receive four weeks of severance pay for base pay and housing only.